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Our Story

We took ownership of Grand Slam Toys on Black Friday of 2017. We like to joke that we went shopping for deals and just ended up buying the whole store. The real story isn't too much different. We went shopping for our daughter's birthday and checked out our local toy store and for the hour or two after we left we talked about how fun it would be to own a toy store and how we would put our own spin on it.


The next day after dropping the kids off at school I (Beth) came home to enjoy my coffee on the couch and scroll through Facebook. The first post I saw was from the owner (and friend) posting the business for sale!

 I messaged her immediately and began asking questions before texting Zach, who was still AD in the USCG. Roughly five days later we were under contract. We don't waste time on big decisions, we just jump right in! 

We are thrilled to be a part of keeping this business going in Kodiak. It has been around for roughly 30 years, with Ron Kutchick as the founder. We are the third owners and we are proud to keep quality toys and games here in our local community. 

Our kids (and our furry one too) can sometimes be found hanging out with us when we are deemed cool enough.

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