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Welcome to Summer!

Who else is looking forward to summer fun and sunshine?!? We are right there with you! Loving this bit of sunshine we are experiencing this week! With summer comes transfer season and we have had to say goodbye to two who are moving off island due to the Coast Guard. Sara and Ellen and their families will be missed, but we hope to see them again in the future. They have helped us tremendously over the past few years and while they started off as employees, they are leaving as friends. Love these ladies and their families!

We are excited that Arianna is back at the shop after having her baby earlier this year! We have a few other fresh faces at the store who are learning the ropes and are great additions, so make sure to say hello. They all bring something to our shop and we are excited to see how they grow in their roles and seeing them use their interests in the shop. Now that we are fully staffed again, I (Beth) can put some plans into motion that I have had for several years and was just awaiting the right place and time, so stay tuned over the next few months as we start putting things in motion.

We always have new items coming in, so make sure you stop by to check out what we've got. Some recent additions to the shop: Squishmallows, new Pokémon, Kodiak souvenirs - stuffed animals with Kodiak bandanas, Kodiak puzzles, Amanda Rose Warren stickers and greeting cards, and ornaments - and SO much more! Please let us know YOUR ideas and what you'd like to see. We strive to continue growing and providing quality, affordable toys and games to our community.

Remember to shop your friendly local toy and game store! Look forward to seeing you soon!

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